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How to write winning grant proposals and professional reports The basis for successful cooperations between NPOs and grantmaking partners

NPOs are increasingly working with external partners, such as companies or foundations, to secure their charitable activities, projects, and programs for the long term. Because: In view of the many challenges, we are currently facing as a society - be it the climate crisis, armed conflicts, the growing gap between rich and poor, the inequalities in our education system, etc. - it is becoming increasingly clear to us: we will not solve these challenges on our own. Cross-sectoral cooperation is needed to bundle knowledge and resources in the interest of the community and the common future. An elementary part of successful cooperation is the act of grant writing for the project in a well-thought-out concept at the beginning of the partnership, but also the ongoing written reporting in the sense of transparency, information transfer, and securing of a long-term relationship.

Ziel & Zielgruppe

Professionally drafted funding applications increase the likelihood of cooperation with external grantmaking partners. Learn how successful funding applications or reports must be designed in a very practical way. Furthermore, the focus is placed on their positive unique selling propositions as a professional partner NPO. Gather knowledge about the strategic background of cooperations, the motivation of the partners, project cycles, and the "institutional readiness" that an NPO must bring to the table for successful cooperation.

Target groups are (senior) employees in fundraising, communication, managing corporate cooperation, and working with foundations.


  • What "institutional readiness" does your NPO need?
  • Funding strategies of grant-giving organizations
  • Cooperations
    • project cycle
    • from brainstorming to implementation
  • Writing a grant application
    • content
    • structure
    • problem definition
    • solution approach
    • embedding internal strategy
    • resources
    • budgets
    • timeline
  • Writing Reports
    • content
    • budget
    • evaluation
    • impact (measurement)
    • sustainability

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