The NPO-Academy offers an experiential learning approach based on the latest research and industry expertise. Going further than simple know-how, specific courses and seminars teach the professional skills necessary for the target group of non-profit managerial staff, experts, employees and newcomers to put their lessons into practice.

Your Centre of Competence for Non-Profit Organisations

The first NPO-Academy was founded in 2005 as an independent competence centre by Huetter. MC Management Consulting in Vienna/Austria, with the aim of keeping pace with the growing importance of non-profit organisations while catering to the very specific training needs of NPOs. For the target group of non-profit organisations in Germany, seminars and training courses were held for the first time in Berlin and Cologne in 2012. In 2017 Munich was added to the list of venues in Germany. In Switzerland, the first professional training for non-profit organisations was offered in 2017 in Zurich.

Since non-profit organisations are becoming more internationally oriented, from 2018 we have been offering an independent international programme for non-profit management in Berlin, Germany. The main areas of focus of the programme are:

  • providing best-practice examples to participants and encouraging them to adapt and implement these examples in their own environments,
  • revealing ways NPOs can become more international in their outlook and highlighting implementation strategies,
  • raising awareness among participants about specific characteristics of various different markets and
  • facilitating an exchange of experiences and networking across national borders.

Starting in 2024, we will offer education and training for nonprofits in the U.S. through our NPO-Academy Americas.

Relevance and Scope of the Non-Profit Sector in Europe

Our Understanding of Non-Profit Organisations

We see the term NPO (non-profit organisation) as an umbrella term for all legal forms of organisations (e.g. associations, foundations, other non-profit forms) whose primary task is the realisation of a specific goal in a wide variety of areas, whether it be social and cultural affairs or sports. What all these organisations all have in common is the fact that they pursue their objectives with no intention of making a profit and that any profit made is not paid to the owner or the members of the organisation. Associations and NGOs are likewise non-profit organisations.

Our Programme

The programme of the NPO-Academy comprises courses and seminars for associations and non-profit organisations. The NPO-Academy is oriented towards anyone interested in education and professional training from an association or NPO that pursues

  • social (e.g. aid organisations, welfare institutions),
  • socio-cultural (e.g. sports clubs, cultural institutions, churches),
  • political (e.g. natural, environmental and animal welfare organisations),
  • administrative (chambers etc.) or
  • other objectives