Cooperations with Businesses: Partnerships in Times of COVID-19

Do you already collaborate with companies in order to reach your organization’s goals with common efforts? Do you fear losing existing partnerships due to the current crisis or did your field of work change significantly because of the recent situation? Do you want to start to collaborate with companies for the first time, but do not know what to consider whilst strategically implementing partnerships with businesses into your organization? Each crisis also offers opportunities. The recent pandemic has turned our lives upside down. Let us think out of the box together and brainstorm how to come closer to achieving the goals of your NGO through the tool of partnerships with businesses.

Objective & Target Group

You will learn about partnerships with companies, the opportunities they offer, but also their boundaries. You gather expertise on how to create and implement a new corporate partnership or how to adapt an existing one. A wide range of Best Practices during emergency situations serve as inspiration for future efforts.

The target groups are the managers of nonprofit-organisations, employees from the areas of fundraising, marketing and publicity work.


  • About cooperations with businesses?
    • Definition
    • Characteristics
    • Best Practice
  • Strategic Design
    • Development, design, implementation & Sustainability
    • Connecting with CSR strategies
    • Connection to the Sustainable Development Goals
    • Framework in times of crisis
  • Do´s and Don´ts
    • Factor for Success
    • Chances
    • Risks
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Cooperations with Businesses: Partnerships in Times of COVID-19
Europe, 2020-06-26

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