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Fundraising Strategy: How to set the path to the future

Recent research shows that having a formal fundraising plan in place is related to fundraising success. But how do we go about developing a fundraising plan in a VUCA world – one characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity? This one-day course will focus on the tools needed to understand an NPOs external and internal environments, and to develop a forward-looking strategy. It will consider how to set goals and ensure that the strategy is in place to deliver them, as well as exploring how to develop tactics and operationalise plans. And, in an uncertain world, it will explore how plans can be kept relevant and strategic wearout avoided.

Objective & Target Group

In this workshop, we will explore how to develop a fundraising strategy. We will consider a range of tools and techniques that can be used to understand an organisation’s current situation, and that of the environment in which it operates. We will then examine how that knowledge can be adapted into a forward-looking strategy that is tailored to the organisation and its situation. Alongside developing the strategy, we’ll consider how it can be effectively implemented and how it can be kept fresh in a rapidly changing world.

The target groups for this seminar are Executive Board Members and Managing Directors with strategic responsibility for fundraising, Fundraising Directors, people interested in the topic of fundraising strategy and how to establish it as well as fundraisers and those who would like to become one.


  • Why develop a fundraising strategy?
    • What does evidence tell us about the value of investing in strategy development?
  • Auditing your fundraising environment
    • Understanding the broader social world in which your organisation is operating
    • Learning from your competitors
    • Analysing your market
    • Understanding the internal environment
  • Setting objectives
    • Using your audit findings to move forwards in the most effective way
  • Developing strategy
    • Where to play i.e. what markets to target
    • What to say i.e. crafting a compelling core message
  • Choosing appropriate tactics
    • Implementing your strategy
    • Ensuring that you allocate resources appropriately
    • Measuring and monitoring the effectiveness of your approach
  • Avoiding strategic wearout
    • Ensuring that your strategy stays relevant in a changing world

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