Individual Major Gifts Strategic, sustainable, effective – the No.1 growth area for fundraising

Individual Major Gift fundraising is the growth engine for large gifts throughout the world. While public funding in many countries declines and corporate funding is ever more constrained, fundraising from wealthy, influential and committed individuals is capable not just of delivering large targets but of nurturing inter-generational families of donors who can remain loyal to you over decades. Individual Major Gifts is a story of exceptional philanthropy but it is also the story of exceptional fundraising, and of fundraisers who know how to engage Individuals in an ethical, structured, patient and strategic way. It is also about sustainability, engaging and re-engaging with donors from one campaign to another, and seeing their philanthropy move into Board leadership as well as into advocacy and volunteering for your cause. Ultimately, if you do this well, it may leave you with a legacy to support the continuing work of your organisation once the donor is no longer around.

Objective & Target Group

You will learn all the essentials for understanding what Individual Major Gift fundraising is, and how it can transform the ambitions of charitable organisations. At the end of this course, you will be more effective at securing major gifts for your organisation and better equipped to decide whether this  type of fundraising is appropriate for you. Either way, you will come away from this course with a thorough grounding in knowledge, based on the experience of many organisations successful in this type of fundraising. This will enable you to make more effective decisions for your career, your position inside your organisation, or for your organisation’s future ambitions. Above all, you will come away with practical knowledge which you can adapt and use straight away.

The target groups of this seminar are senior management and board members in charitable, educational and cultural organisations and foundations who want to engage in Individual Major Gift Fundraising and Fundraising Directors and Major Gift Officers who want to compare their own Individual Major Gift practice with industry standards as well as fundraisers who need the essential do’s and don’ts of Individual Major Gift Fundraising.


  • The European and global impact of Individual Major Gifts
  • What exactly is Individual Major Gift Fundraising?
  • How does it relate to other high level fundraising methods?
  • Where does it sit inside a fundraising strategy?
  • What are the key conditions for successful Individual Major Gift Fundraising?
  • Setting out on the Individual Major Gift journey:
    • Climbing the Seven Steps to an Individual Major Gift
    • Research and preparation
    • Cultivating potential Individual donors
    • Telling your story – the Elevator Pitch and the Case for Support
    • Who should ask for an Individual Major Gift?
    • How will you prepare for an asking meeting?
    • What should you say in a meeting to ask for a gift?
    • What do you do once we have secured the gift?
  • How do we work with volunteer leadership and senior staff to get Individual Major Gifts?
  • How do we Steward our donors so that they will give again?
  • How do we evaluate Success?
  • Who is best suited to this type of fundraising?
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EUR350.00 excl. 19% VAT
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Individual Major Gifts
Berlin, 2021-03-03

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