Legacy Fundraising in a Post-Covid World How to refine a legacy programme post-pandemic

Legacy fundraising can seem like a challenge even in the best of times, with legacy fundraisers having to contend with deep-seated taboos around death and money. In a post-Covid world, it can seem even more challenging, with increased sensitivities around death-related topics and with many countries having social-distancing rules in place which may preclude traditional activities. Nonetheless, the longer-term picture for legacy giving remains positive, and NPOs need to continue sharing legacy messages if they want to build legacy into a sustainable income stream. This webinar will cover how to go about adjusting your legacy programme to a post-Covid world, considering the impact on supporters’ motivations and needs, and how a programme might need to be refined appropriately.

Objective & Target Group

In this webinar we will discuss adjusting a legacy programme to a post-Covid world. It will cover how Covid might impact the motivations and needs of legacy donors, and how, therefore, a programme might need to be adjusted to take account of current circumstances. We’ll consider the full range of the legacy fundraising cycle from raising awareness to stewarding supporters. The session is designed for people who have some experience in legacy fundraising, and who are seeking to refine their approach.

The target groups of this seminars are people who have some past experience of legacy fundraising, who are seeking to develop a new programme and people who have some experience in legacy fundraising and who are seeking to refine their existing programm.


  • How Covid might affect the motivations and needs of potential legacy donors
  • How activities at various stages of the fundraising cycle – from raising awareness of legacy giving, to stewarding potential donors – might need to be adjusted appropriately
  • Practical examples of legacy fundraising activities from various charities
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Legacy Fundraising in a Post-Covid World
Europe, 2020-06-23

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