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Non-profit organisations have two main communication goals: generating attention and support for social and societal concerns and to recruit as many donors as possible for the realisation of their projects. Online fundraising and campaigning therefore often go hand in hand. More and more Not-for-Profit Organisations (NPOs) are successfully utilising virtual campaigns as effective publicity for the launch of their agendas. From digital petitions to viral campaign ads, interactive online games and the targeted use of social media – the range of options today is almost unlimited. How to employ these techniques to transform newly interested parties and supporters into first-time donors and, ultimately, long-term supporters is of particular relevance for NPOs. Digital channels are also critically important for modern-day fundraising, offering countless benefits including speed, low transaction costs and the opportunity to address different target groups in a tailored fashion. However, to enable individual measures to yield their full potential, online fundraising strategies and virtual campaigns need to be individually planned and professionally implemented. There is no one-size-fits-all approach – but for every concern and each organisation there is a route to success.

Objective & Target Group

Due to the rapid development of the internet, fundraising and online campaign communications are becoming increasingly complex in practice. The objective of this seminar is to provide you with up-to-date knowledge regarding carrying out online campaigns and fundraising measures in theory and in practice and to consolidate existing expertise. You will be given an overview of current studies that are relevant in your areas of work and will become familiar with new key terms in relation to digital communication.
Building on this theoretical background, all major instruments and measures will be presented. Innovative examples from online fundraising and campaigning practice will illustrate how these can be used skilfully by NPOs.

The target groups are employees from charitable organisations from the areas of fundraising, publicity work and marketing, and online editors as well as community managers.


  • Basic theoretical principles
    • Overview of current studies and figures: potential of the Internet for NPOs
    • Online fundraising: strategy development, instruments and usage opportunities
    • Basic principles of online campaign communication: dramaturgy, measures and success factors
    • International and cultural differences
  • Instruments and practical examples
    • Fundraising-oriented web presence: addressing target groups and donation tools
    • Website promotion: online marketing and PR
    • Supporter relationship: newsletters and e-mail mailshots
    • Online campaign communication: innovative practical examples from NPOs
    • Social media: professional use in online fundraising and campaigning
    • Crowdfunding

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