Securing funds from In-Memory Giving

In-Memory Giving remains one of the most under-developed and reactive methods of raising funds within the voluntary/charitable sector. Yet the opportunities it presents for both securing significant levels of income and building powerful, long-term relationships with supporters is almost unique. Whilst In-memory Giving has grown rapidly in recent years, charities still struggle with this sensitive subject possibly even more so in the current COvid-19 times. This webinar will help you understand some of the sensitivities and help you deal with them both internally with colleagues, volunteers and senior managers and board members as well as externally with existing and potentially new supporters. 

Good donor care is always important but with this area of fundraising it is even more vital; when handled well, this can be the continuation of an existing relationship or the basis for forming ones.

Objective & Target Group

This webinar will be invaluable for anyone who wants to understand the importance of this income streams as a way to support existing donors and supporters as well as attract one ones. In-memory donations are often unrecognised and subsequently go uncaptured with donors treated no differently from other types of supporters. A well-run programme can enhance your range of fundraising offerings as well as provide an opportunity for long-term support, major gifts and eventual charitable legacies / gifts in wills.

Giving in memory of someone is often part of the grieving process and it can be a sensitive area of fundraising. This course will help you to understand how to maximise income from this source but deal with it in a sensitive and personal way so it helps the continuation of an existing relationship or enables you to build relationships with new supporters.
This webinar is a must for representatives from organisations who are interested in finding out more about introducing or developing further this income stream.


This 90-minute webinar will help participants understand more about In-Memory Giving. It will help identify and overcome some of the issues to be aware of as well as the benefits of having an active In-Memory Giving programme. The webinar will cover:

  • The psychology of giving and motivations around in-memory giving
  • Introduction to the grieving process
  • Sensitivities around death-related fundraising
  • Consideration of the resources and who needs to be involved – internally and externally
  • Tips to get you started or enhance this area of income
  • Marketing in memory giving and materials to help
  • The importance of logging income and communicating with donors
  • Managing donor relationships
  • Tribute funds and how they work
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EUR90.00 excl. 16% VAT
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Securing funds from In-Memory Giving
Europe, 2020-11-19

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