Frequently asked questions

Questions about registrations/reservations

Are there registration deadlines?

We do not have any explicit registration deadlines. For face-to-face courses in particular, we ask you to register approx. 6-8 weeks before the start of the event. For face-to-face seminars 5 weeks before. For "Live-Online" seminars we ask you to register 3 weeks before the start of the event. The earlier you register, the more secure your place in the course or seminar. We allocate places on a first-come, first-served basis. By registering early, you help us to better plan our capacities. If you register 3 months before the course starts, you will receive an "early bird discount" of € 100 on the net participation fee. (Please note that several discount schemes cannot be cumulated). If you register at shorter notice and there is capacity available, we will try to accommodate your participation flexibly.

What is the difference between registration and reservation?

When you register for an event, you receive an automated confirmation of receipt, which informs you that we have received your order. If you then receive a confirmation of registration from us, you have a fixed place at the desired event. You are then also legally bound to attend the event, taking into account the cancellation options.

In the case of a mere reservation, you show us that you are in principle interested in taking part in the event. There are no legal obligations on your part. However, we will keep you informed about the event.


Questions about "Live-Online" seminars

What are the advantages of "Live-Online" seminars?

"Live-online" seminars can be integrated into the participants' everyday life in a very time-efficient way, without travel stress and without additional costs.

Can individual work as well as group work be carried out within the framework of "Live-Online" seminars?

Yes, individual work, group work (text tasks, Excel calculation examples etc.), "card queries" etc. can be carried out in real time via our learning platform.

I have little experience with learning platforms and "live online" seminars, is it difficult to find my way around?

No, you will receive your access data from us, then you can log in to the learning platform. Both the learning platform and the conference system are intuitive to use. Together with your access data, we will also send you a short instructional video so that you can find your way around even more easily. Should you still have problems, you can of course contact us directly.

Which conference system is used on the learning platform?

The conference system used is Big Blue Button (BBB), a system that is frequently used by universities and complies with European data protection law. You do not need to download any software onto your computer. BBB is intuitive to use. You only need an updated browser (preferably Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari for Apple).

Can I also get in touch with others in person at "Live-Online" seminars?

Yes, our goal is for participants who are logged into the "virtual classroom" 15 minutes before the seminar starts to meet in person in a group room. Participants can also get in touch with other course participants via the internal chat system until a few days after the event. (Simply click on the relevant name under "Participants", then on "Message". If the bubble next to your name on the learning platform is filled, then you have received a message :-) Then please retrieve the message by clicking on the "speech bubble".


Questions about course materials

How do I receive the course materials for my seminar/course?

We will send you the access data to our learning platform so that you can access the course content. You will find the course materials, feedback form, etc. on the course page shortly before the seminar begins. In the case of a face-to-face seminar, you can also take your laptop with you so that you do not have to print out the documents.

Questions about certificate exams

When do the exams take place?

As a rule, these written online exams take place approx. 3 weeks after completion of the course. You can then take the exam within a period of 4 days (exam duration approx. 1.5-2 hours).

Where do the exams take place?

The exams take place on our learning platform

What types of questions are asked in the exam?

These questions are multiple-choice questions, true/false questions and open questions on knowledge application (e.g. conceptual elaborations) or also calculation examples.

Can I familiarise myself before the exam with the technical procedures for the exam on the learning platform and also with the type of questions?

Yes, a few days before the exam we provide "A small test to get you in the mood", where you can familiarise yourself with the technology and the type of questions.

Can I take the exam if I cannot attend on the scheduled date?

Please try to take the exam on the scheduled date. If you are still unable to take the exam, please contact us. We will then try to find a solution.


Questions about in-house training

Does the NPO Academy also conduct in-house training?

Yes, throughout Europe. We look forward to hearing from you.