For many years, we have been developing tailored concepts for training and continuing education with various organisations. These concepts are attuned to the different goals and target groups in these organisations.

That is how we can meet the developmental needs of your managerial staff and employees as well as the requirements of your organisation. Participants can expect a practice-oriented programme in which a mutual exchange of experiences and work on projects are encouraged through exercises, reflection, incentives and role playing.

In this way, the competences of the participants can be further developed in the context of the requirements of the organisation.

Our Offer

  • Consultation with the persons responsible for the programmes in order to define objectives and determine needs
  • Development of practice-oriented programmes
  • Conceiving and carrying out NPO seminars, NPO courses and workshops
  • Support during learning projects
  • Evaluation of the programmes and projects carried out

Benefits for your Organisation

  • You can determine the topic and time of the continuing education measures
  • Through the training, your team can achieve an updated and uniform level of knowledge
  • Training together increases participants’ ability to work in a team and their readiness to act in a solution-oriented manner within the team

Your Contact Person

If you are interested in an inhouse training, please contact:

Dr Helmut Huetter

Telephone: +49 30 5200 43430