Company Principles - Non-profit | NPO-Academy - USA

Our Vision

  • Organizations in the non-profit sphere are the foundation of an autonomous society.
  • Engaged organizations drive societal change.
  • Organizations work professionally for the realization of their objectives.

Our Task

  • We are professional partners and service providers for NPOs in the area of education and training.
  • We use our knowledge of the specific needs of non-profit organizations to create focused and practice-oriented training.
  • It is our goal to ensure participant satisfaction through effective teaching methods for learning success and course content applicable to real-life practice.

Our Offer to You

  • Specific educational offerings for managerial staff, experts, employees and newcomers for the enhancement of individual competences
  • Professional and practice-oriented education and training for the NPO sector
  • Effective conveyance of current management and specialist knowledge at the highest level
  • Trainers from academia, consultancy and practice, who are familiar with the specific requirements of the NPO sphere
  • Seminars in small groups, which make it possible to explore and target your specific needs and those of your organization
  • Interface of academia and practice
  • Enhanced possibilities for networking and exchanging experiences among participants


Our Motto:

Take Responsibility.
For Society. For the World.