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Our Understanding of Non-Profit Organizations

We see the term NPO (non-profit organization) as an umbrella term for all legal forms of organizations (e.g. associations, foundations, and other non-profit forms) whose primary task is the realization of a specific goal in a wide variety of areas, whether it be social and cultural affairs or sports. What all of these organizations have in common is the fact that they pursue their objectives with no intention of making a profit, and that any profit made is not paid to the owner or members of the organization. Associations and NGOs are likewise non-profit organizations.

Our Program

The program of the NPO-Academy comprises courses and seminars for associations and non-profit organizations. The NPO-Academy is oriented towards anyone interested in education and professional training from an association or NPO active in the following areas:

  • social (e.g. aid organizations, welfare institutions),
  • sociocultural (e.g. sports clubs, cultural institutions, churches),
  • political (e.g. natural, environmental and animal welfare organizations),
  • administrative (chambers etc.) or
  • other objectives


Our participants come to us from a variety of non-profit organizations that range in size and scope from small local charities, to regional, national and even international operations. The focus of these organizations varies greatly. In Europe we have worked with participants from non-profits focusing on areas such as disaster relief and humanitarian needs (Red Cross), human rights (Amnesty International), emergency medical aid (Doctors Without Borders) and children's rights and welfare (UNICEF, Save the Children, World Vision). We have also trained employees from environmental welfare organizations, such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Greenpeace as well as from educational organizations such as institutions, universities, and professional associations and chambers. We are pleased to be a trusted educational partner to anyone working within the non-profit sector.

Relevance and Scope of the Non-Profit Sector in the USA